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Canoe, Kayak, SUP, Pontoon Rentals in Madison, WI


three locations
 easy fun for all 



Rent on Lake Wingra
Rent Downtown
Rent on Lake Mendota

LoCations & Hours

Fun Map of Madison Boats and where to rent boats

Madison Boats offers full service rentals at three locations on three different lakes in Madison, WI. 

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Rates & Boats

Paddle Boat Rentals at Wingra Boats

Our incredible team will help you in and out of your boat and give you tips on how to paddle or where to go.

Book online or walk-up. 

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Water safety!

Before you go, please be aware that Madison Boats staff are not first responders, lifeguards, or certified in rescue support.

If there is an emergency please call 911. 

You should know that there is an inherent risk in all watersports and related activities.

Madison Boats retains the right to deny access or use of our equipment or facilities to reduce risk. 

By agreeing to rent a boat with Madison Boats you agree to Madison Boats Rules designed to reduce risk.

You will also be required to sign a waiver of liability before participating in the activity.

2021 Madison Boats Rules

2021 Madison Boats Waiver

2021 Madison Boats Pontoon Rules 

A couple highlights of the Rules include:

- No Alcohol and or Drugs: No participant may bring or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on our boats. 

- PFDs: All persons must have a PFD and Madison Boats strongly encourages wearing the PFD. Minors must wear their        PFD at all times when not in a boat with their parent or guardian. Minors under 13 MUST wear their PFD at all times. 

- You will comply with all Federal, State, and local laws. If you are unclear on laws please visit

- Boating is weather dependent. All renters and guests will heed all warnings and will return to the boathouse at the first    sign of storms, high winds, lightning, thunder, or severe weather.

- You are responsible for any damage or loss to the boats.


- Parent or Guardian must be onsite to send your child out on our boats. You do not have to go out on the water; however, we      suggest you stay on-site as you are responsible for the minor's water safety and social distancing. 

- Minors not in the same boat as their parent/guardian must wear their PFD at all times.

Unaccompanied Minors:

Madison Boats allows minors that have completed our Unsupervised Minor Program the ability to rent without parents/guardians present. This program requires completing a paddle sports safety course, watching a Madison Boats Risk Video, and signing our rules and waiver. 


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