Pontoon Boat Rentals

Spend a couple hours, or a full day on Lake Mendota in our 12 person pontoon boats. Marshall Boats will deliver 24' Bentley Pontoon Boats, gassed up and ready to go from the docks of Bishops Bay. 

Bishops Bay Members who book a three hour rental or more 48 hours in advance will get FREE delivery ($50 Value) by entering code BBCC_2019. 

We cannot guarantee pontoon boat rentals made within the 48hr window. Reservations made within 48 hrs will pay be charged the regular rate of $80 per hr Weekday/ $100 per hr Weekend & Holidays plus a delivery fee of$50.

So plan ahead, and enjoy the benefit of being a Bishops Bay Member. 

  • Gas and basic operational instruction is included


  • Must be 25 or over to drive the boat

  • Captains available

QUESTIONS?? Please contact Marshall Boats at marshall@madisonboats.com 0r 608-228-8333