Wingra Marina

Store your boat on peaceful Lake Wingra! That way, all you have to do is bring your paddle and life jacket, and you're good to go!

Our friendly staff will even help you once you're here! 


Canoe, Double Kayak, Fishing Kayak -  $215

Kayak - $160

SUP -    $150 NEW Over the Water Rack

Out of water sail boat/rowboat - $350

In water Sail boat/rowboat - $300

Rowing Shell -  $350

Spaces are rented from mid-May to the end of September

Brittingham Marina

Store your boat year round, just steps from the water at Brittingham Boats!

Our friendly staff will even help you get your boat to the water you want! 


Canoe, Kayaks & SUPs-  $150

Spaces are rented annually from April 1st to March 31st

Winter Boat Storage

Reduce the hassle, and leave space in the garage for your car by letting us store your boat for the winter. If you store your boat at Wingra or Brittingham, we will transport it, store it, and bring it back to its summer home in the spring. 


All canoes, kayaks, SUPs are stored indoors (heated), rowboats and sunfish are stored indoors (unheated) and sailboats and larger boats are stored outdoors, covered.   


Canoe & Tandem Kayak -  $125

Kayak - $100

SUP -    $75

Small Sailboat or Rowboat - $300

Sailboat - $350

Rowing Shell -  $120

824 Knickerbocker St

Madison, WI


701 W. Brittingham Place

Madison, WI


2101 Allen Blvd​

Madison, WI



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