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Thank you for considering a membership. We hope you will find a membership is a great way to get out on our lakes and enjoy summer in Madison. Even if it is not the right time for a membership, thank you for being an important part of our business and community. 

As a member you get unlimited access to our regular paddle craft plus discounts on nearly everything else, we offer. But as a member you do so much more than just get a financial discount. You give us the ability to do everything we do. As a member you do three critical things we need to operate. First, you support us with your purchase giving us the critical financial backing we need to cover our startup costs every year. Second, you share your love with others. By talking about your time on the water, and by bringing people to the lake, you help others learn about our lakes and provide the best marketing we could ever have - your approval. Most importantly you are the backbone of our lake community. We learned long ago Madison Boats is not about the kayak or paddle board, it is about the people. It is your interest in the crew, your sharing of your experience's, and just sharing your time with us that makes our work so fulfilling and hopeful enriches your experience as well.

Thank you for your love of the lakes, the boat house and being a important part of our community. 



2024 Membership Pricing & Benefits

  • Unlimited canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, paddle boats, and row boats (depending on location). 

  • 50% off specialty paddlecraft including the Duck and Swan Paddle Boats, the giant paddle boards and the watermat.

  • 30% off Private Event Space

  • 15% off Pontoon Boats (Marshall and All Location Members) 

  • 15% Off Fishing Boats (Brittingham, Marshall and All Location Members) 

  • 15-100% off Special Events including the Full Moon Paddle, Burgers on the Bay and Bloom and Boats. 

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As a member you are the backbone of our lake community and receive many benefits including:   


  • Couple/Family memberships are designed for families in the same household. In general these memberships are not intended for roommates or extended family not living in the same household.

  • The membership is only good for those listed on the membership.

    • You are welcome to bring non-members in your boat (example a tandem kayak or paddle boat); however, it does not extend to anyone outside of the people listed on the application taking out their own boat. ​

  • To ensure availability of watercraft for all we limited number of memberships. 

  •  We do not offer refunds on memberships.

  • If you purchase a single location membership you only get access to the watercraft and events offered by that location. 

  • PFDs: Adults must have a PFD in the boat at all times. Persons under 18 must wear their PFD when not with their parent or guardian. Children under 13 MUST wear their PFD at all times by law.

  • Minors are able to go out on the lake without an adult: Please CLICK HERE to learn how. 

For families larger than 5 people, or for Business Memberships please email us for pricing.

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