2020 Memberships are sold out  


6 Reasons to be a Boat House Member...

1.) Unlimited Paddle Craft Rentals All Summer Long

2.) Discounts on boat house events, lessons and classes

3.) Discounts on friend's rentals by purchasing guest passes.

5 guest passes for $60 +tax

4.) 50% off Watermat & Mega Sup's

5.) 20% off Pontoon boat rentals

Marshall Members only

6.) Be a part of amazing group of lake lovers.

Membership Pricing and Registration Links

Click for unlimited summer fun!

* See rules for Family Definition.

**For families larger than 6 people, please email us for pricing

Things to know...
As a reminder we do not offer refunds for memberships; however, due to COVID-19 if we are unable to open or find major disruptions to our season we will look at how to apply your credit to other services or to next year.
Interested in paddling at all of our boat house locations? No problem, when registering select your primary boat house location, and you'll have the opportunity to add on an "all access membership" for $50 to $100 more.
There are only a limited number of memberships. When we hit our maximum number, memberships will not be available to purchase anymore.

Membership Rules

A family member must be registered as a member in order to take a boat out for free.​

Guests who accompany members in the same boat are free. For example, a member and two guests can rent a canoe under the name of the member. If a member and guest rent separate boats, guest passes are available for purchase and are exclusive to Boat House Members. Guest Passes are offered at a discounted price of 5 for $60 +tax so boating with your friends is easy and affordable. (Mega Sup and Water Mat are not included in the membership, however, you do get 50% discount on these two rentals)

We know that not all families are the same, but we ask that you be respectful. If you believe yourself to be a family, then we welcome you to sign up. Nannies can be considered as additional members. If you have questions on whether a person can be included in your membership or not, please email wingraboats@madisonboats.com.

Wondering if it is financially a good idea to add a family member? If that person is likely to go out on a boat by themselves 5 times or more, then add them!! (5 x $15 = $75). The additional cost to add on a family member is $75. 

The membership does not include free rentals for watermat, go floats, mega sup or pontoon boats. But as members, you will get a discount on those boats if we have them at your boat house location.


We do not allow minors to rent boats without parent/guardian permission. Therefore we have annual and one-time permission downloadable waivers available. Minors (under 18) are not allowed to paddle alone at Marshall Boats.

We love our members, but we work hard to provide the same great service to everyone. To be fair, we work on the "first-come, first-serve" basis.

Please note:  If the boat house location you are a member at is closed in the spring or the fall, you have the ability to use your membership at one of our other boat house locations. 

824 Knickerbocker St

Madison, WI


701 W. Brittingham Place

Madison, WI


2101 Allen Blvd​

Madison, WI



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