Pontoon Boat Rentals at

Spend an hour, or a day, on Lake Mendota in our 12 person pontoon boats.

  • Gas and basic operational instruction is included


  • Must be 25 or older to drive the pontoon boat.

  • The driver of the pontoon must possess a boater's safety license if the driver was born on or after January 1st, 1989.  To obtain a license, here is a link to the Wisconsin Boat Rental course. ( You will be required to show your certificate when picking up the pontoon.)

  • Captains available (please email us)

  • FULL DAY (5+ hours) $400 weekdays, $500 weekends - Click flexible booking to reserve.

Beginning September 7th, our pontoon rental rates will increase and reservations are only available Friday, Saturday & Sunday through September 30th.  If you would like a reservation Monday -Thursday in September, please Email marshall@madisonboats.com

Special pricing may be required for rentals outside of our normal reservation windows.

If you see a blank screen... please scroll up to continue your reservation.