EXPLORE Lake Mendota in style

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Know before you book

  • Our boats hold 12 adults

  • Gas and basic operational instruction is included in price

  • Gratuity is not included


  • If born before 1/1/1989 no boater certificate is necessary.

  • If you are born after - you must be over 25 boater's certificate to drive the boat.

    • To obtain a license, here is a link to the Wisconsin Boat Rental course. ( You will be required to show your certificate when picking up the pontoon.)

  • If renting for a full day, after 5 hours the hourly price is 50% off:   ($40 per hour weekdays) &  ($50 per hour weekends).


If you would like a reservation in May or September that is not available on the booking site please email us at marshall@madisonboats.com.  Special pricing may be required for rentals outside of our normal reservation windows.

Welcome to the most flexible, comfortable and easy way to get out and enjoy Lake Mendota here in Madison. 

It's like owning your own boat without any of the headaches or challenges with boat ownership. You pick the time that works for you and you get to drive the boat (instruction provided and captains are available). 

824 Knickerbocker St

Madison, WI


701 W. Brittingham Place

Madison, WI


2101 Allen Blvd​

Madison, WI